Allahs mercy

We were made human. We weren’t made perfect, we were made to make mistakes. sometimes Shaytan can get the better of us, and even though you know something is wrong, its as if the worst gets the better of you, and you do something you regret. Yet only after the deed is done, you feel a sense of shame and grief. A bitterness toward yourself.

At that point you should know Allah is near. Know that he’s close to you. You may have sinned but Allah is the all merciful, the all forgiving. So turn to him. Ask him for forgiveness, don’t let shaytaan deceive you into thinking your sin is ‘too bad’ for Allah to forgive you because Allah is the most powerful. Allah loves his believers and he knows we can be weak at times. He made us imperfect. So turn to your lord and ask him for forgiveness, and insha’allah he will guide you and take away that feeling of grief, replacing it with a sense of peace which comes only from worshipping Allah.


Thank him for guiding you, every day, thank him. Don’t take advantage of Allahs mercy either. Allah knows whats in our hearts, our very intention is known to him, so who better to turn to than the one who knows every thing about you, the one who created you? People make mistakes, and we shouldn’t judge others because they sin differently to us. They may be doing something wrong, but the best you can do is advise them and guide them, and if you can’t, make dua for them, because you never know when Allah will change a heart. May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah, may he forgive us and help us in all we do. may he bring us closer to those we love and save us from all evil. May he help all those suffering and grant them peace. Ameen


say oh my servants that have transgressed against themselves (by sinning) do not despair in the mercy of Allah. Indeed Allah forgives all sins. Indeed it is he the All-forgiving the All-merciful.

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