sinning is human

Every muslim has sinned in some way. Some people sin more than others, and some people commit bigger sins than others, but thats how we were made. Allah didn’t make us perfect. Its how you react to your sin which makes you a good or bad person. When you sin, you feel a sense of shame and guilt, and you ask Allah to forgive you. You learn from your mistake, which can often make you a better person.  


We hear of people, muslims, who have committed the worst of sins in the past who change to hold quran in their hearts. subhanallah. Allah guides who he wants, and if you see a muslim sinning, advise them and if you cant advise them, make dua for them. You never know when a muslim might change. People sin differently, and we shouldn’t judge people based on their past sins, because they may have repented and they may have a strong connection with Allah that you don’t know about. 

There is hope for every muslim. Rather than judging each other we should stand together and guide each other. We should make dua for one another. Ask Allah to put the light of iman in their hearts. Sometimes that one big sin a person commits, and its consequences, can be the one thing which makes them realise they need Allah and his forgiveness more than anything. 

indeed my lord is near and responsive (Quran 11:61)

indeed my lord is near and responsive (Quran 11:61)

If you have sinned, then turn to Allah and ask for his forgiveness. Don’t think your sin is too much for Allah to forgive because his mercy is greater than your sin. Don’t let it get you too down. Speak to your lord, ask for his forgiveness, regain a connection with Allah, and you might lose friends when doing so, but know if you have Allah you have everything. Most importantly, learn from your mistakes, and don’t judge a person based on his/her past. Some of the well-known islamic speakers  have a past behind them. We should help and guide one another to the path of Allah. Not dismiss each other because of our past sins.

“sometimes people with the worst past create the best future” -Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA)

May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. may he bring us closer to those we love and unite the muslim ummah. May he protect us from all evil, and make us successful in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen.

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