Sometimes one prayer changes everything

Hope in prayer is what I’ve recently discovered. The hope in Allah which is never lost, and the love he has for us. Those tears that come down your cheeks in the midst of prayer are counted. Those pleads to your lord that you say repetitively are heard. Those silent prayers which come from your heart when walking down the street are listened to. All by the one who created you. Subhanallah.

It might take more than one prayer to change something, and it make take time, but know he hears you. Even when all feels lost, Allah is with you wherever you are. He provides us with the knowledge that we can communicate with him at any time. Allahuakbar. He is there for you on the darkest of nights, he is there for you when you have committed a big sin and you want forgiveness, he is there for you when you need help, he is there for you when you need peace, and when all hope is lost he is there to inspire hope. He tells us to never lose hope in his mercy.

'So remember me; I will remember you. And be grateful to me and do not deny me' -Al-Baqarah 2:152

‘So remember me; I will remember you. And be grateful to me and do not deny me’ -Al-Baqarah 2:152

Speak to your creator, and tell him what you want, tell him what you need, and tell him often. Show your lord how much you want through communicating with him. Through remembrance of him. After your five daily prayers raise your hands to him, and ask him what it is that you need, what you desire, what you want achieve. Then thank him for all he has blessed you with. Allah never ignores the call of a believer. He never ignores a call to him. Stay patient with dua, things might not change overnight, but pray with the knowledge that Allah the most merciful, the most kind hears you. Your every prayer, your every move, your every tear, he knows.

Remember to thank him for all he has blessed you with, because the truth is we would be lost without him, we would be sucked into the deceptions of this world and we would be enticed into the plans of the shaytaan. So being able to pray to him and being aware of him is a blessing in itself. Thank Allah for blessing you with iman, and islam. Thank him for everything you have, and ask him for what you want. Your lord is there for you.

May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he forgive us and bless us in all we do. May he bring us closer to the ones we love. May he help those in need and may he protect us from all evil. Ameen.

I put my trust in Allah -New


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