When praying feels like coming home..

When the weathers cold, the winds are bitter, and the day has been long, the one thing that sounds heavenly is going back to a warm cosy house, getting into some pyjamas and indulging in a nice hot warming drink, hiding away safely from the relentless cold that stands past your front door.
Well sometimes prayer can have the same effect. After feeling distressed, upset and torn down by the difficulties that life can throw at us, talking to your creator can make you feel at peace, almost protected by a bubble from the harshness that life can bring. Allah knows what lies in your heart. Confide in him. He knows what happened in your day, he knows the emotions you felt so open up to your Lord the one who created you.
It doesn’t need to be salah time for you to pray. Just make a Dua or just ask him to make things easier and to make you stronger and know that he hears you, and after that it brings a feeling of coming home. Gives you a sense of belonging in a world of confusion and deception. It’s like a safe base that you can always rely on no matter what. To me, that’s one of the biggest beauties of islam; the fact that we have one God who makes us feel safe, protected, aware, and comforted when We need it most. Even after we have wronged ourselves, he is there for us. Giving us a reason to love, and to live.

May Allah guide us and grant us jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may have done and bring us closer to those we love. May he protect us from the deception of shaytan and protect us from all evil. May he grant us peace of mind and heart, and bring us closer together as an ummah. Ameen.


In the name of Allah…


It seems like a small thing, something that is taught to children; to say bismillah when starting anything. Something so simple and easy to do but something that holds so much importance.
When we start something in the name of Allah, we are remembering him, and we are getting all the blessing out of what we’re doing. Also, by remembering allah in all you do, you’re more likely to do good, which helps us attain Jannah. And by remembering Allah, he will remember you, and that is a big blessing within itself, which will also help make your connection with your Lord strong Insha’Allah. Yes, it does seem too simple, but Allah has made it easy for us to live islam. Sometimes we over complicate religion by mixing it with culture. But they’re two different aspects that shouldn’t be mixed up. Islam is a way of life, believing in one God, and it’ can be easy to practice. Of course there are restrictions, but once you’ve established that belief, Allah will install a peace and strength in you Insha’Allah.
This life is full of obstacles, desires, and evil, but stay close to Allah, and do your best to be the best you can be and Insha’Allah Allah will grant us Jannah. Your Lord loves you, and he wants to see you succeed, you just have to see it in yourself that you’re capable of being who you want to be, with Allahs help and love.
May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may have done. May he protect us from all evil and bring us closer to those we love. Ameen.