Talking to the one 


The world is filled with people and desires. Things which come and go. Each thing you have come across, you have seen for a reason. Whether you know it now or whether you reflect upon it at a later time, you will see that everything happens for a reason. His plan is better than what you know. You can contemplate upon what it is you may have come across or what it is you may have lost, but with his will you will eventually understand. Maybe it’s a lesson and maybe it’s a test. A blessing even. Perhaps it’s something that is of benefit to you even if you don’t see it yet. It might hurt now, and the tears may feel like they won’t stop, but why cry if you’re not going to let it out?  Let it out to the one who didn’t just create you, he fashioned you. Cry to the one who can change  what it is you’re going through. The one who knows you better than any person simply because he made you. The one who will understand your pain before you even say it. The one who sees every tear that falls from your eyes. The one who hears every mutter that escapes your lips. He is the one you should turn to for true peace. Trust him. It might be confused now, and it might not make sense but the picture will get clear if you put your trust in Allah Insha’Allah. He is always there for you any time of the day. You sin and he will still be there to forgive. Subhanallah. People only offer so much comfort but true peace of heart and peace of mind comes from he who created it. Trust him. He is closer to you than your jugular vein. Talk to your creator…

May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he help us to be successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he forgive us for all we may have done and may he help us through difficulty. Ameen. 

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