Finding strength

To become ‘strong’ – what does it mean? Some may say being strong comes from being able to squat 50kg, or to have definitive muscles in your arms and legs. This is physical strength. 

Mental and emotional strength however comes from being able to talk, grow, develop, and learn. 

In both instances, strength is something that starts from something small. Like physical strength, mental strength must start from somewhere. Whether it be hardship, failure, or environment. Strength grows and it develops as we continue to learn. The most important basis of finding mental and emotional strength is through the one who created us. Our Lord. The one who fashioned our hearts individually and uniquely. The one who predestined our lives which ultimately shape our personality. We can be successful but if our faith isn’t strong how can we be strong? If the light within us which guides us is switched off how do we expect to make it through the dark? 

Our strength comes from Allah. As Muslims we must strive to find it, establish it, and build upon it. You don’t have to be an outgoing person to be strong. You don’t have to have the best body to be strong. You have to find Allah first and then you will be strong enough to take everyone else on. Tears don’t make you weak, and failure doesn’t mean you stop. The prophet (pbuh) would weep in prayer. So cry when you need to but cry to Allah. When you fail at something don’t think of it as failure, think of it as though you’ve gained knowledge on how not to do something. 

From being here in this life we are being prepared for something much greater. So strive to be stronger in character and mind in order to regain strength. You will have downfalls and you will come across things that may trip you but know and believe that Allah is always with you. He tells us in his holy book to call upon him and he will respond. That he tests those who he loves. That he does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear. That he is closer to you than your jugular vein, that he is all knowing all seeing all hearing, that after every hardship comes ease, that through the rememberance of him hearts do find rest. Subahan’Allah. 

Find the changer of hearts. The one who knows and sees all things. The one who loves you if you love him. The most merciful the most kind. Find him, and build your strength on that basis. Knowing he is always with you and that he can get you through anything. Knowing that no matter what obstacles you face, Dua can make a difference. Knowing that your hard work is paying off so long as you have him. Knowing that Allah will make things easy for you because you’re a part of the ummah and you do things for his sake alone. Find your strength through him and Insha’Allah he will install a peace and hope in you that is only known to those who experience it. Find tawakul. Never give up. 

May Allah guide us and grant us a high place in jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may have done. May he help us be successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he bring us closer to those we love and make easy for us to overcome any obstacles. May he grant us strength to carry on in a world full or corruption. May he bless us in all we do and accept all our duas. May he make a way for us when we feel lost and may he make easy for us what we find difficult. Ameen.