How do I choose between my head and heart? 

As months, days, hours, minutes go by we experience. Some experiences will be better than others, but either way, we’ve experienced aspects of life that others may or may not have. These experiences and the difficulties we face are what shape us as people. Our experiences, no matter how small, have the power to change our personalities to mould us into something we may not even see ourselves as. 

They’re so exceptionally powerful yet how often do we think about them? How amazingly beautiful it is that Allah puts us in certain positions to push us to where we are. We’re made to go through these experiences to bring us to the place we’re meant to be. Wherever that place is, itll come to you at the right time, not only to bring you a new experience, but perhaps to teach you, help you, guide you, or make you stronger. 

Allah loves the ones who love him. If you’re faith is strong, if you’re a ‘good muslim’ no matter where you find yourself, it’ll be the experience you need to move forward. So believe in that. Even if it’s not always the most positive experience, have faith in Allah that you’re there for purpose. Make your decisions using your HEAD AND HEART. How?- think about what would be right, do what feels right, think about how you’d move forward to be the best you can be with the help of Allah. Never act on anger or upset. Never feel that Allah isn’t on your side. There are always lows of faith, even the prophet (the greatest of man) had lows in faith. You just have to believe and carry on. 

You’ll get there with the help of your lord. Wherever ‘there’  might be. You’re on your way. Your experiences shape you so embrace them, and allow yourself to make the best decisions based on them. 

Be strong. Be powerful. Use your words wisely. Be kind. Be happy. Be faithful. 

Love Allah and he will allow you to feel his love. 

We plan but Allah is the best of planners. 

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