Finding beauty in the beautiful 

There’s everything around us. Telling us our thighs should be slimmer whilst our bums should be rounder. That our waists should be smaller with our chests out bigger. That our skin should be flawless, free of any scar, spot, or stretch mark. 

Everything around us tells the man to be muscular and taller. To be free of flaws. To be the emotional support to but free of emotion. 

What about  Someone isn’t the perfect size (whatever that might be) but they have a strong conviction within themselves that they have been made by something much greater than everything you could ever imagine. Someone who knows that the standards set by models won’t define who they are or what their self worth is. 

We’re constantly being fed ideas that we should look or be a certain way, which for some leads to depression, anxiety, and health issues. We’re not a product set out to meet standards of society. We’re not pieces of plastic that can be moulded. We’re people. We’re made for a greater higher purpose. 

Yes we should be the best version of ourselves, we should be healthy, we should be confident in ourselves. But the size of our jeans or our height doesn’t define us as beautiful. Beauty isn’t skin deep, beauty isn’t considered by the number of scars you have, beauty is much deeper. 

We need to look at people for what’s within. Not what’s on the outside. A heart that’s connected to Allah, that is kind, that is generous, loving, and strong, is beautiful. If you have Allah, if you have love, if you have strength,  you have the tools to be beautiful – you’re far beyond what society can define, so don’t try and be what you’re not. Allah made YOU. That should be special enough. 

If the whole world was blind how many people would you impress? – Boona Mohammed 

One thought on “Finding beauty in the beautiful 

  1. Yes the world is a weird place that makes us into thinking bad of ourselves and demands that if we improve just this physical aspect about ourselves then we will be able to win the hearts of those who we want or be satisfied with life.

    Some people do fall for that, actually a lot of them fall of this trick of the world and results in going for these quite obnoxious surgeries regarding their physicality, how their different body parts look from a distance.

    Anyway, thanks for such a good reminder, take care.


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