For the sake of peace 

Every day I hear, read or watch a piece of news that upsets me. A rape, a murder, a brutal fight, a hate crime, war threats or another terror attack. They’re all highly upsetting and angering, but the latter scares me most.

When I hear a terror attack on the news it’s almost predictable as to who it’s linked to. This who that seems to claim to be an Islamic group. A group that use my religion as a signpost for their identity. Yet this group share NO similarity to what I believe. I’ve not a clue what they believe as I can’t possibly find, think or comprehend as to what they’re in belief of. 

I get particularly scared of hearing of a terror attack because I feel the heightened threat of being shouted at or attacked when I’m walking in the street for simply being Muslim. I feel threatened of being a victim of hate crime, for something I have no connection or association with. I believe in peace, love, sharing, welcoming, and God. I believe in forgiveness, support, and strength, and not even a minuscule of my religion teaches me to harm. I believe in not even harming a fly, so how is it that these attacks are linked to my religion? I feel upset for those who lost loved ones, I pray for those who are hurt. I question how can I help?  

I feel just as upset, angered and threatened as every other person who stands for peace. Except more so because the attack may have the name of Islam attatched to it, and that’s what upsets me most. That to some, that’s all they may know of Islam. Yet none of it even comes close to what I believe, and none of these acts can be put under the umbrella of what my religion teaches. I’m a Muslim and I believe in peace never hate. 

It’s touching to see people coming up and standing together against all the hate. It’s the little hope that keeps us going. For all those killed, in all types of attacks and wars -I pray for you. I pray you rest in heaven and I pray that God grants the families and loved ones of the victims patience. I am Muslim and I condemn terror and acts of violence. I am Muslim and I believe in peace ✌🏼️ 

I am a person and I know that love will always rise above hate. We stand together as people; humans standing for humanity. For the sake of peace; Assalamu’alaykum Warahmatullah wabarakatu (May the peace, mercy and blessing of god be upon you).