Ever thought of thinking?

Where do we choose to place thought? Where do we choose to put our priority? What to we occupy our emotional and mental state with? What drives you through your day? What fuel do you use?

Have we forgotten our own nature? It seems as if we’ve stopped using our own inclinations, initiatives, and thoughts, and replaced them with what we think we’re told to do. Replaced what essentially makes us US, with what we think we should be like. What we think will make us look the best or seem to be valued by others.

It’s time we stop thinking about what others see, and start valuing our own consciousness. Start to value your thoughts, your inclinations, your feelings. God gave us common sense, he gave us the ability to reason. Yet we’ve become unreasonable. Are we forgetting and ignoring our abilities? Stop doing something if it feels wrong. Stop following what you’re told to follow, and start thinking. Questioning. Don’t be afraid of thinking because you’re scared of the answers. Explore. Use what god has given you.

Stress will always be there, we can’t keep up with people’s ever-changing expectations, you can’t always please the world. But you can please yourself. Find peace of mind in yourself, through reason, thinking, understanding, praying, developing. Then you’ll find the piece of peace that sails you through any storm. My faith to me isn’t a set of rules. It’s not a one hat fits all. It’s a way of life, a way of reasoning with respect, kindness, and value. It’s a word that enables me, and encourages me to think about decisions and evaluate things before I decide what’s right and wrong for me. It’s a constant spiritual journey of self development, it’s trusting my lord to put what’s right in my heart and follow what’s in my head. It’s a beautiful, personal experience, and everything that may seem to be a bunch of rules has reasoning behind it. It has context, it has purpose, it has thought. So stop treating it like a restrictive, imprisoned faith. It’s a way of life.

Yet, there are a bunch who refuse to think, to reflect, to reason. Let’s not lose the essence of the human, that makes us so powerful. Let’s be thoughtful in all the right ways. We’re not judges. We’re to be judged.

Love yourself before you take anything else on, and to love yourself is to love the one to whom which all love belongs… Boona Mohammed

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