Sweet escape

It’s that time of year. Where everything seems to be everywhere and to be quite frank, you’d rather just go to a place far away, absorb some sunshine, and escape the world as you know it. Who’s with me?!

But this probably, almost natural mechanism of thought had me thinking…. what if there is something out there, some higher power, that no matter what will ALWAYS be there when you call for help. What if this higher power has a pre destined plan for you, and what you’re currently dealing with, is what’s going to shape you?

what if the desire for escapism is what’s naturally put within us to make us strive for paradise? What if being calm, being kind, being gentle, being genuine, being faithful is the key to sanity? What if simply eliminating toxicity from our lives is the key to happiness.. no matter where it may come from… work, uni, school, social groups, people…. if it’s ruining you, come away from it.

What if we’re forgetting that there’s a higher purpose? That there’s a God up there waiting for your every call, and that remembering him is the key to inner peace. Not just remembering him by praying or by doing your religious routines. But remembering him with full spiritual awareness in everything you do. Actually acknowledging gods existence. Have full faith over religiosity. Having a conscious, following your god given instincts. Being a human.

Perhaps we’ve lost sight of that. We’ve lost trust in ourselves, and we’ve lost the idea that we’re in control of us, but there’s always a plan that we can’t comprehend. Everything falls into place, everything happens for a reason, everything is pre decided for you, everything that is happening is happening because your way of dealing with it makes you YOU. You just have to do your duties as a human and you’ll find your faith. Find your sanity and your peace.

What’s being human? It’s following your instincts, it’s being loving, it’s consideration, it’s kindness, it’s embracing your emotions and dealing with them, it’s being strong, because sometimes you’re the only one who can help yourself. You can receive advice, you can read every Cosmo article that deals with your issues, but until you’ve decided to help yourself, you can’t be helped. Some self thought, self consideration isn’t a bad thing. Reflect. Make dua. Find your instincts. Find your connection to god. Within that you will find your peace.

We need to stop forgetting that this world is temporary. Stop acting as if our bank accounts and our image define us. Stop worrying about what’s negative. We need to be positive, united, as one human race. Not as groups of Asians, White , Black, Gujarati, Memon, Pakistanis, and every other category we label ourselves with. We need to remember, reflect, realise that everyone has a bumpy perhaps rocky path and a journey of their own, but it always leads to their destination.

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