Maybe we live in a world where a person can fall on the street and everyone will walk by because they’re too busy to stop. Maybe we live in a world where people could be fighting and the first instinct is to take out a phone and record. Maybe we live in a world where even amongst our own Muslim community, one of the first questions we’re asked is based on ‘what we are’. Maybe time is too fast, and we have too much to do so we can’t stop and think. Maybe there’s not enough time in the day. Maybe you’ll be late for that meeting or that class if you stop to help the person who’s just fallen over.

Or maybe you’re pushing away from yourself. Maybe the world demands too much, and so we can’t hold someone else’s hand. Maybe we forget that race doesn’t define a person, maybe we forget that a stereotype doesn’t relate to everybody. Maybe we forget that stopping your daily commute to help someone out might just make their day better. Maybe we forget that morality overcomes a deadline. Maybe we forget that to love someone, means loving yourself, and to love yourself you need to show acts of love to others. Maybe we forget that life may be too short, but it’s also full of time to make a decision. A decision to make a moment.

You can walk or run, but you will still get there, only if you walk, you’ll appreciate the journey. You’ll notice the trees, you’ll get a chance to smile at the person who walks by. We need to stop forgetting as a community, what it means to be a human. Maybe the build up of a person is their hair, skin, height, faith, body type. But maybe there’s a soul in there.

Maybe we need to look beyond our own prejudices to view people for who they are. Maybe we have an ego problem. Maybe labels are made for everything else except people. Maybe we need to take a minute and let ourselves feel. Maybe we need to show some compassion, regardless of religion and faith. Maybe we need to stop putting ourselves on a pedestal and start to understand one another, and then maybe we can actually start to develop as a community. Maybe love always wins but we’re scared to let it. Whatever maybe… don’t forget that we’re all one unit. There’s no exclusive club, we’re all people. Start believing that, and maybe we can actually get somewhere. Take a minute to think about God himself, and reflect. Is your attitude out of ingratitude?

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