Whats beauty?

We all feel it differently, through different things, at different strengths. Its uniquely yours, like a fingerprint thats pressed onto the surface of your heart. It brings individuality, provides a warmth for the chill that the outside feels. A light from within that helps you deal with everyday life. The way you react when something goes wrong, the way you pick yourself up after a hard fall, the way you talk, the way you touch, the way your lips curve at the edges when you express happiness. Its the way you laugh at the things you find funny. The way you stress, and indulge to make yourself feel good again. The way you sit and do nothing to take a break, the way you hold the door open, the way you say thank you, excuse me and please. The way you let someone pass along the road, the way you love. The way you focus on things that count, the way you find yourself time to pray, even on the busiest of days. The way you walk, the way you drive, the way you dress.

Its not looking like a model, fitting into a box. Its not falling locks of shining hair, or perfectly plump red lips. Its not a size 8 waist, and D cup breast. Its not the colour of your skin, or the shape of your eyes. Its not the size of your nose, or your height. It isn’t the approval of others, or number of instagram likes. It isn’t how many comments, and emojis with heart shaped eyes. It isn’t the pain you feel when your lips have been injected, or the bleeding of your feet when your shoes are murdering the ability to walk. It isn’t the filter that removes any flaw, or tightens your jawline, and slims your cheekbones. It isn’t in the smoothness of your thighs, or in the unthinkable stretch mark or cellulite. You certainly won’t find it in any shop on any shelf….

Its inside YOU. Its beauty. It is the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and be okay. The ability to accept that god didn’t just make you, he fashioned you! He designed you, uniquely. You’re individual beauty that is only yours. You shouldn’t want to change it. Just because society and media tells us to look a certain way or to fit into a certain box, you don’t have to get into it. Happiness is beauty. Finding it in yourself is beauty. Know who you are, and love it! I often get questioned how to wear a scarf in such a time and that its hard to wear one. Yes, its hard to put a scarf on when you don’t feel accepted into society or when you feel you don’t ‘fit in’. Yet its liberating to think you don’t have to ‘fit in’. Be a unique, self-loving, god-concious, beautiful you. You don’t have to fit in to societies standard of what they call beauty. That is oppressing! Be-you-tiful. Thats my definition of the word. Accept who you are, love who you are, and force people to see you for what lies under all the layers and skin. Hijab to me, lets beauty shine through. It helps me to understand the concept of what beauty is. It frees me of any pressure to look a certain way. Its confidence, commitment and self-love. It drives you to be helpful, to be kind, and helps me identify myself as Muslim. Whist it can be difficult to wear a head covering, it is so much more than that. IF your intentions and heart is there, then don’t let fear stop you. Your best protection comes from god. You’re in control of your beauty. Not the ads with unrealistically flawless people plastered across the board. Theres so much more to hijab than a head covering. Modesty is more than physical, and beauty isn’t skin deep. Be in control, be confident, love yourself a little. The approval of others is not needed. If you’re rejected because of the way you look, that says a lot more about the person who’s rejected you than it does yourself. You’re beautiful – its time we start believing it.