Only Human? 

It’s been some time since I’ve written, and so I’d like to make a comeback talking about something a little different. 

Being a human. 

What does that mean? 

Being a human means you have the ability to make decisions. You have the ability to know and to choose. You have the ability to overcome your fears or to shy away from them. You have the ability to speak up or stay quiet. You have the ability to comfort and to destroy. You have the ability to feel, and think. We’re given many abilities which makes us the best of creation. It also makes us imperfect. 

Being human is making mistakes. Being human is learning from what we do wrong. We fall and we stand. We break and we repair. We hurt and we love. We see a problem and we solve it according to our own individual minds. That makes us powerful. It makes us knowledgable. It makes us who we are. 

So we’re always learning. Everyone of us whether mother, daughter, son, father, brother, sister, orphan. We’re learning, not to be each other, or to be like each other. But we’re learning to live not just be alive. Each generation will learn differently, and each generation will have different definitions of what living means. But one thing that will never change is that being human is being imperfect. 

Yes, we fall, but then we pray and by the will of Allah we become stronger. Yes we cry, but with his divine help we find an indescribable comfort in prayer. We struggle, and he helps us make a decision. The prophets of the past each tell a story which helps us learn. They help us stand up when we fall because like us, they were human. Let’s stop looking at each other, looking at her and him, pointing fingers, and let’s look at ourselves. Let’s stop pushing each other down, and start helping each other become better because that’s the only way this Ummah can stand strong. 

We’re humans. We can love. We can support. We can push. We can strengthen. We can educate. We can help. We can believe. We can PRAY. Let’s learn from the best to reach the best potential that Allah has placed within us.  

May Allah guide us and make us successful in all we do. May he make it easy for us to see what is good and what is not. May he make us the best we can be in order to please him. Ameen. 



To know what makes you successful is something we all wish we knew. I can’t promise you success and I can’t promise you the best money can buy, but I know that the best things come from knowing the creator. To know yourself, to know that it’s okay to love the body Allah has given you, comes from knowing him. It’s not about what society has taught us to believe about ourselves. It’s not about knowing the latest songs or trends. It’s about knowing the one who made it possible for you to even breathe. 

When you find the belief that Allah is always with you, you will find knowingness of him. You will know what faith is. You’ll find yourself thanking him for all the good, and asking of him through the rough. You may not always have money, or the best the world can offer, but if you know yourself through knowing your Lord you’ll feel content with what he has given. You’ll feel your hearts contentment. That you’ve found the peace that nothing materialistic can offer. It’s a difinitive peace that can only come from knowing the one who created you. 

It’s better to be poor and strong in faith than rich and on haram money with no knowingness. Why? Because the knowing that Allah is with you, that you have a duty on this earth, is something much greater than any riches money can buy. It’s knowing the difference between living and just being alive. 

To know him, you have to believe that you’re prayers are heard, that your actions are seen, that he will not let you down. You have to know that Allah will make of the situation what is best for you. You can want, but Allah will give you what you need. You can ask of him, but know that he hears you. Know that he listens to every prayer made through the silent tears shed. Believe in him. Know that he is aware of your hearts state and know that he is the one who can make way for you. Know that he is the only one who you can rely on without being left broken, hurt or upset. He will bring you to the ones who love you and deserve you. Don’t assume you can make it through a battling world alone. Allah is there. Know it.

And when my servants ask you about me (oh Muhammed) I AM NEAR, I answer the call when he calls on me, and have faith in me, that they may be rightly guided (Qur’an 2:186) 

A hearts fulfilment 

There’s a lump of flesh, a muscle. In each individual. A vital clot that allows our blood to flow. 

There are people. Some who love us, some who don’t. Some who bring us hardships and pain and some who offer us love and comfort. 

Sometimes, words, actions and events create cuts in the lump of flesh. With each tear that strolls it feels as though those cuts turn into holes, leaving nothing but emptiness. The more cuts we feel, the more we cry, the more holes, until we’re left spiralling into a hopeless pit of hopelessness. 

Do you see the problem? We try to fill these holes through people, or things that will only make us more vulnerable to cuts and holes. We find a strange sense of belonging in things we know are wrong. We tend to run back to the same kinds of people who created the holes in the first place, asking them for fulfilment. 

Yet were given a choice. We can fill these holes with temporary deceiving pleasures OR we can fill our hearts with the same substance from which they initially were made, only better. Something that not only fills it, but makes the muscle stronger. Something that makes a positive change in what you see, think and say. Something that doesn’t promise to protect you from cuts, but promises to ALWAYS be there.

 We can find fulfilment in Allah. He will fill your holes if you sincerely ask him. He will fill you with a sense of purity and hope no matter how deep your cuts. He can make you feel renewed. Allah knows the state of your heart, do you not think that as the creator he would be the best one to turn to in order to repair it? He is the one who can change the state of our hearts through turning to him. Allah is the most merciful, most forgiving, most kind. He hears your silent prayers when nobody else does. He understands you not just as a Muslim but as a human. So we should do our best to gain our hearts contentment through fulfilling our obligations to the one who fashioned us. Peace starts from within.  And when we learn to place our hearts in the hands of the one who created it, he will place in our lives people who deserve to hold it.

May Alllah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may do. May he make us successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he protect us from all forms of jealousy and evil. May he bring us closer as an Ummah and give us the strength to be strong.  Ameen. 

The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things. [24:35] 

Be The Change! 

This weekend I attended an ISB (Islamic Socieety of Britain) Young Muslims residential as a mentor, called Be The Change. It’s a weekend where 11-17 year old Muslim children come together to talk, discuss, explore ideas, and venture out of their comfort zones, helping them to ultimately be the change. 

Although different from the nature of my other blog posts, this weekend is definitely something I want to write about and share with you. Not only did Be The Change inspire the Young Muslims, but it also inspired me as a mentor. The challenges allowed me to step outside my comfort zone only to expand it. 

Having the children support each other and talk about issues they face in day to day life as young Muslims, is something we should all do as an Ummah. These children are an example of what our Ummah should be. They inspire each other, appreciate each other, learn from each other, and support each other. When one is cold, the other gives them their jacket. When one is eating they make an effort to share. When one is sad they all show their concern. When one is happy they all join in the laughter. When one is struggling, they all offer support and help. 

Each individually talented and amazing in what they do, they inspire those around them without trying. This weekend was a reminder to myself that to change we must start from within. To ultimately be the change, we have to push our comfort zone, we have to support one another, we have to be considerate, we have to follow the Quran and Sunnah as the prophet (pbuh) practiced, we have to listen to each other and support each other, removing judgements. 

We as a Ummah need to listen to what they have to say. Events like this residential give the young people space to discuss things they’re usually scared of discussing. It gives them space to explore and understand Islam as we know it. It gives them place and identity, and somewhere to build their confidence. A place where they can grow to be the change they can be. 

I’ve attended YM residentials many times, but returning as a mentor this year was somewhat more inspiring and moving. Being a figure for those children to look up to and to ask help from is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had, which I insha’Allah plan to carry out for as long as I can. I’d like to thank Aunty Rabiha for giving me such an amazing opportunity, for helping me carry out my aspirations, and helping me build my confidence. 

Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people, unless there is a change of what is in themselves. (Ra’d verse 11) 

Those busy days 

For when you have those busy days where you feel like you can hardly fit in time to eat. Those days where you feel like you haven’t sat down and relaxed at all. Those days where you can hardly think because you’re just on the go all day. Those days when all you want to do is go home, get into a onesie and have a comforting meal, and a warming cup of tea at the end of your busy day. 

For those days how many times do you make a conscious effort to remember the reason you’re able to be busy? The reason you’re able to  walk to where you need to be, talk to who you need to talk to, write what you need to, see what you need to… Breathe as you need to. How many times do we remember the ultimate reason we’re doing what we’re doing? 

Yes, it’s a deep thought to think. But it’s essential to keep it in our minds even when we’re having those busy days. We should remember to start and end in the name of the one who is ultimately in control of what were busy with. We should make an effort to pray on time. Wherever we may be, and we shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of that. We may be busy but we should never be too busy to pray. Because that’s where true success lies. 

All your busy days, weeks, months, are wasted if you haven’t worshipped the one who allows you to busy. The one who allows you to breathe and speak and talk and walk and hear. The one who gives you the ability to do whatever it is you’re doing. So remember him in all you do. Remember your ultimate goals and bring Allah into your intentions and remember those intentions. It is easy to forget and we aren’t made perfect. We will forget sometimes and we will trip up but as long as we always return back to our vision as Muslims, and we make an effort to remember our creator in all we do, Insha’Allah Allah will forgive us and make us successful in all we do, and ultimately in the hereafter. Ameen. You’ll find comfort in praying on those busy days, as if it’s a mental and spiritual recharge. 

May Allah grant us jannah and forgive us for all we may do. May he purify our intentions and hearts. May he give us success in all we do. May he bring us closer to those we love and guide us. Ameen. 

Finding strength

To become ‘strong’ – what does it mean? Some may say being strong comes from being able to squat 50kg, or to have definitive muscles in your arms and legs. This is physical strength. 

Mental and emotional strength however comes from being able to talk, grow, develop, and learn. 

In both instances, strength is something that starts from something small. Like physical strength, mental strength must start from somewhere. Whether it be hardship, failure, or environment. Strength grows and it develops as we continue to learn. The most important basis of finding mental and emotional strength is through the one who created us. Our Lord. The one who fashioned our hearts individually and uniquely. The one who predestined our lives which ultimately shape our personality. We can be successful but if our faith isn’t strong how can we be strong? If the light within us which guides us is switched off how do we expect to make it through the dark? 

Our strength comes from Allah. As Muslims we must strive to find it, establish it, and build upon it. You don’t have to be an outgoing person to be strong. You don’t have to have the best body to be strong. You have to find Allah first and then you will be strong enough to take everyone else on. Tears don’t make you weak, and failure doesn’t mean you stop. The prophet (pbuh) would weep in prayer. So cry when you need to but cry to Allah. When you fail at something don’t think of it as failure, think of it as though you’ve gained knowledge on how not to do something. 

From being here in this life we are being prepared for something much greater. So strive to be stronger in character and mind in order to regain strength. You will have downfalls and you will come across things that may trip you but know and believe that Allah is always with you. He tells us in his holy book to call upon him and he will respond. That he tests those who he loves. That he does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear. That he is closer to you than your jugular vein, that he is all knowing all seeing all hearing, that after every hardship comes ease, that through the rememberance of him hearts do find rest. Subahan’Allah. 

Find the changer of hearts. The one who knows and sees all things. The one who loves you if you love him. The most merciful the most kind. Find him, and build your strength on that basis. Knowing he is always with you and that he can get you through anything. Knowing that no matter what obstacles you face, Dua can make a difference. Knowing that your hard work is paying off so long as you have him. Knowing that Allah will make things easy for you because you’re a part of the ummah and you do things for his sake alone. Find your strength through him and Insha’Allah he will install a peace and hope in you that is only known to those who experience it. Find tawakul. Never give up. 

May Allah guide us and grant us a high place in jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may have done. May he help us be successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he bring us closer to those we love and make easy for us to overcome any obstacles. May he grant us strength to carry on in a world full or corruption. May he bless us in all we do and accept all our duas. May he make a way for us when we feel lost and may he make easy for us what we find difficult. Ameen. 

The gift 

Imagine you have been given a gift. One that you could keep forever, and get use out of 24/7. A gift that could change your life. A gift that made things easy, a gift that when used, brings love, and reminds you of love and peace. A gift so beautiful that you have to be pure to touch it. 

A divine gift. From Allah. The gift is the Quran. Containing all we need to know along with the Sunnah. A book. Words from God that have the power to soften the hardest of hearts, to heal the most broken of hearts. The book that was revealed in this holy month that befalls us. It may be the first time in a while, but open the book and read. Let the words touch your heart, even if you don’t finish the whole Quran in this month, read it. Watch it make a difference to you and how you feel, and take something from it. Let the words of your Lord inspire you to aspire toward becoming a better Muslim insha’Allah. Ramadan isn’t about who can finish the Quran the quickest, or who prays 20 rakats of taraweeh the fastest. Ramadan should mean something to us. We should benefit from it. We should aim to do a better job of bettering ourselves, to become closer to he who created us. It’s a month where we learn about ourselves as shaytan is locked away. A month where we can purify ourselves and recognise our weaknesses in order to act upon them. Quran will help you through it. It brings a sense of peace that is truly inexplainable. A sense of peace that can reduce me to tears just thinking about how amazing it feels to have gained such a relationship with Allah that he allows you to feel that peace. Subhanallah. 

We all sin. Yet we are able to learn from our sins with asking for forgiveness. We all go through hardship, but eventually with the will of Allah, they pass. No matter what happens in your life, read. It will make a difference to you. Find solace in his holy text, as you will find it will benefit you in this world and the next life insha’Allah. 

May Allah make this Ramadan easy for us to benefit from. May he forgive us for all the sins we may commit knowingly and unknowingly. May he guide us and grant us a high place in Jannah. May he make it easy for us to read, reflect and understand in order for us to come closer to him. May he help us be successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he help the ummah come closer in a world of corruption. May he bring us closer to those we love and save us from the punishment of the grave, the fire, and all evil. May he protect us from all evil. May he keep us rightly guided and grant us what is best. Ameen. 

“And he taught you that which you did not know” (Quran 96:5)

‘Everything is beautifully planned within his knowledge’ 


At some point everything may feel lost, all over the place, and at this point we may begin to feel hopeless, the tears begin to fall and we feel like we’re left in limbo. However the importance of remembering Allah at these points in life is crucial. Yes it is hard, and yes it can get tiresome, but Allah knows what he is doing. He knows what lies in your heart and he knows what you want, but perhaps what it is you want isn’t always best. 

We may plan, but Allah is the best of planners. 

Subhanallah, Allah may bring things to you at times where you least expect it. It may not seem clear at the time, but afterward, once resolved the picture gains focus, and the happiness and content you will feel from trusting Allah through your confusion will uplift you in a way that can only be understood through feeling. Allah hears you. The most silent of prayers. He hears them. He will put things before you when it is best for you. All we can do is pray for what is best for us, work hard, and trust him and his plan. For he is our creator, surely he knows what is best for us. Like the leaves on an autumn tree, they begin to fall and become bare. Then by the will of Allah, soon after, the tree blossoms once again, and green leaves form.  Similarly, we may begin to fall and stumble, We may lose things or people close to us, but with prayer and trust in him, our leaves will eventually grow back. Perhaps not in the same way as before, but in a way that will beautify us, and will Insha’Allah make us better Muslims. 

True happiness is felt within. Put your full trust in him, pray to him, talk to him, and you will begin to see the blossoms form. 

He will guide you toward your missing piece. Just remain patient and hopeful in him and his plan Insha’Allah. 

May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he forgive us for all we may have done. May he grant us a place in Jannah and protect us from all evil. May he make us successful in this life and in the hereafter. And may he bring us closer to those we love. Ameen.

Talking to the one 


The world is filled with people and desires. Things which come and go. Each thing you have come across, you have seen for a reason. Whether you know it now or whether you reflect upon it at a later time, you will see that everything happens for a reason. His plan is better than what you know. You can contemplate upon what it is you may have come across or what it is you may have lost, but with his will you will eventually understand. Maybe it’s a lesson and maybe it’s a test. A blessing even. Perhaps it’s something that is of benefit to you even if you don’t see it yet. It might hurt now, and the tears may feel like they won’t stop, but why cry if you’re not going to let it out?  Let it out to the one who didn’t just create you, he fashioned you. Cry to the one who can change  what it is you’re going through. The one who knows you better than any person simply because he made you. The one who will understand your pain before you even say it. The one who sees every tear that falls from your eyes. The one who hears every mutter that escapes your lips. He is the one you should turn to for true peace. Trust him. It might be confused now, and it might not make sense but the picture will get clear if you put your trust in Allah Insha’Allah. He is always there for you any time of the day. You sin and he will still be there to forgive. Subhanallah. People only offer so much comfort but true peace of heart and peace of mind comes from he who created it. Trust him. He is closer to you than your jugular vein. Talk to your creator…

May Allah guide us and grant us Jannah. May he help us to be successful in this life and in the hereafter. May he forgive us for all we may have done and may he help us through difficulty. Ameen. 

Trusting Allah 

sometimes we feel as if there isn’t much hope left for us or the people around us. That there is something in our life that is failing, and in that we feel as if we are failing ourselves or letting others down. It’s in times like this that it is crucial to remember your Lord, and to remember that he doesn’t give us more than we can handle. He may test you, he may let you taste the bitterness, but never is it more than you can bare. Remember, he does this to test us. Perhaps to remind us that we need him more than we need anything worldly. Perhaps to remind us who our creator is. To remind us that the only one who can truly understand what lies in our hearts is the one who created it. 

So trust him. Put trust in what he has given you, and appreciate all he has given you. If a teacher only gave you basic questions in class, you would never learn how to answer questions of a higher level. Similarly Allah tests those who are closer to him. Once you lose Allah you lose all you have. You may still remain with materialistic values, but your heart will never feel the same contentment and peace it feels when you’re connected to Allah. So remember to trust him. Put trust in his plan. Everything happens for a reason. As people, the best we can do is work hard and ask him for what it is we want. He is the creator of all things, the most gracious, the most merciful, the most high. When you take a step toward Allah he comes running toward you – trust him. Create a connection with Allah, and turn to him.

May Allah guide us and grant us jannah. May he forgive us for all the wrong we may do. May he bring us closer to those we love and protect us from all evil. May he make us successful in this life and in the hereafter.  Ameen.