A piece of peaceĀ 

We worry and sit and scroll and sip, whilst we check our bank balances, and worry about the name of our car, or the typography on our tops, we flick through feeds filled with designer labels and wish we could have more…

But what are we actually in hope for, there will always be someone richer than you, a house bigger than yours, a new make or model will always come out, but do you actually want it or is what you have sufficient? Are we chasing materialistic items to fill a space that needs much more than a Louis Vuitton bag or a red sole shoe? Are we always going to treasure it? Does having a 6 digit bank balance truly make us happy? 

Don’t get me wrong, we can all buy nice things and enjoy them if God has given us the means to do so…. but it shouldn’t be our aim, our worry, our goal. Work hard, yes. But if you’re doing your best and you have a loving family, a house over your head, food to eat, be GREATFUL. You can have all the money in the world but if your child or partner or parent was killed or was severely injured would the look of your bank account make any difference to you? Would anything be able to fill such a hole in your life? I doubt it. 

Same way, we need to learn to fill the holes in our hearts with rememberance of the one who has control over all things. It’s so so easy to forget that we don’t ALWAYS have control over the things in our life. You can only do the best you can do. God deals with the rest. God fills the gaps because he is the one who knows they’re there without you having to even say that they’re there. 

Now we have parents worrying about their 16 year olds antics. How they have no control. But we forget that we don’t always have control. We forget that there’s a supreme being who takes these things out of our hands simply so we can turn to him and trust him. So we can talk to him. Believe in him. 

With all the physical conflicts of today’s climate, we forget to deal with our inner conflicts. With all the distractions placed around us we start to chase the wrong things. We start to get blinded by the flashy lights that we forget what we’re given. We need to be more open hearted, open minded, engaging, loving, and trusting. We need to remember that god controls all things, and we just have to do our bit and trust him. No matter how hard that may be. Try it. You’ll feel the piece of peace you’ve been searching for, even when the situation couldn’t get any worse. Allah will hold your worries and replace them with divine comforts of knowing that he is in control. Just turn to him. 

Find the missing piece of peace, it’s just a step away….